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Online Grammar Check Review

Why Use Online Grammar Check Services?

You can do a few things if your English grammar is poor:

1. Never write emails, memos, blogs, letters or other communications intended for professional audiences;
2. Write around your weakness, which means rephrase your sentences if you're uncertain whether they're grammatically correct;
3. Use online grammar check.

The third option is best. Grammatical mistakes in a cover letter or resume are detrimental when applying for a job, and blunders in your web copy or blog make you look foolish. Too many grammatical errors in a college paper or thesis could sink your grade. Online grammar checkers can help find and correct your mistakes, and can be particularly useful for non-English speakers who are learning the language.

We researched and evaluated online grammar check services to find the best services to save you time and effort. Our research revealed that Grammarly, WhiteSmoke and CorrectEnglish are the best. In addition, we researched related topics for our articles on grammar check services.

Online Grammar Check: What to Look For

You want your writing to be free of ambiguity, error and grammar faux pas. Any online grammar check service you choose should be a shield for your grammar ignorance. While no grammar checker catches all mistakes, you want one that catches the majority. Otherwise, your meaning may be misconstrued and your sentences could be just plain wrong.

We inserted a test paragraph of grammatical errors into each of these grammar check sites as part of our research. We also performed this test using Microsoft Word, merely to see how these grammar checkers stack up against the ubiquitous word-processing application. Be sure to read the reviews to find out.

Here is an outline of the criteria we used to judge the results:

Accuracy is the most important factor when evaluating an online grammar check service, so it carries a lot of weight. Since no grammar checker catches all mistakes, we graded these grammar check services on a curve, transforming the highest score to 100 percent. The best online grammar check services pinpoint incorrect adjective use, improper use of articles, subject/verb agreement, punctuation and capitalization mistakes. The service you choose should have an accurate online spell check to catch misspellings.

Editing & Feedback
It's good to know you have errors in your writing. It's better to know the reasons for the errors. By giving justification to suggested corrections, grammar checkers help you learn from your mistakes and avoid them in the future. Of course, online grammar check services should also offer the best solutions to fix your mistakes.

Ease of Use
This criterion judges the ease or difficulty of using the online grammar check service. That includes learning to use the grammar checker, its functionality, the tools it offers, inputting your writing sample, and how clearly mistakes are displayed along with ease of correction. We also evaluated processing speed, based on our 340-word test paragraph. The results represent the average of five trials.

Help & Support
The best online grammar checkers offer customer service representatives who can personally answer your questions and help you with problems in real time. Whether it's through telephone or live chat, it's important to know that someone is available to help. Online FAQs, user guides and email support also are helpful.

We evaluated online grammar check services to determine whether they find errors and suggest helpful corrections. They may never catch all your mistakes, but the best grammar checkers will find the majority of them and help you become a better writer for professional, educational or personal reasons.